About Us

Our Beginnings

ABA Consultants began with using a telehealth based behavior consultation ABA model to provide support to families and individuals who present with behavior challenges and deficits in areas of communication, social skills, and functional living skills. Our goal is to work directly with caregivers who are actively involved in the process and are the ones on the front lines implementing the interventions provided. 

As a BCBA and adjunct professor, I have worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for the past 14 years. In that time, I have gained experience across various different settings including home, school, and community, as well as working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Emotional Behavioral Disorders, as well as other developmental disorders. 

Bridging The Gap

One of the biggest challenges that I have come across is bridging the gap between working directly with clients and transferring those skills to parents so that they can be successful when we are not there. I want caregivers to not only see what we do being effective, but also be able to take those skills and experience for themselves the success they can have with those skills. 

As the field of Applied Behavior Analysis has grown, there has been a lack of focus on parent training and parent involvement in ABA programming. ABA Consultants strives to bridge that gap and help caregivers be successful implementers of the strategies provided. 

We require active involvement from our families, including regular sessions with the BCBA assigned, homework activities, and data collection through the week to ensure effectiveness of programming. Caregivers work directly with a BCBA during weekly consultation sessions to identify the problem, analyze the problem, develop strategies, and provide follow up consults to determine effectiveness and provide additional support as needed.

Philosophy & Mission

The vision of ABA Consultants, LLC is to disseminate Applied Behavior Analysis beyond typical ABA clinical implementation. ABA Consultants, LLC will work with families to navigate challenging behaviors using a telehealth and BCBA consultation model for ABA services as well as family therapy.

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