ABA Therapy

What Is ABA Therapy?


Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is a type of therapy that applies a scientific approach to changing behaviors. As an evidence-based practice, it involves taking data on responses and making decisions about programming based on that data. Specifially, ABA focuses on socially significant behaviors, which are meaningful to a child’s environments, such as functional communication skills, social skills, and adaptive living skills. 

Our Approach To ABA


At ABA Consultants LLC, we provide quality ABA services that meet your child’s individual needs. We offer in person and telehealth services based on family preference. We work directly with parents and caretakers via weekly parent training sessions to identify and analyze the problem, develop effective strategies based on data, and provide follow up consults as needed to ensure goals are met. In addition, we also provide 1:1 behavior supports as it is determined to be appropriate.   

Convenient, Online Consultations


ABA Consultants, LLC provides telehealth behavior consultation and analysis services for parents and caregivers. Our ABA therapy services include behavior assessments, intervention recommendations with individualized goals, progress monitoring, parent training, and follow up sessions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other behavioral concerns.  

ABA Therapy Session

Our Process 


Whether you’re looking for ABA services for your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other behavioral concerns, our process is simple and straightforward:

  • Initial consult to identify appropriatness of services.
  • Development of interventions through assessment process including interviews with caregivers and observations.
  • Parent training sessions using identified parent training curriculum.
  • Follow up sessions to discuss progress and data collection.

We understand life can be busy and hectic, so we do everything possible to ensure our ABA services fit in with your life and on your time.

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